Thursday, July 1, 2010


Let's join this GIVEAWAYS here!

This giveaway begins on 28 June 2010 (Monday) and ends on 9 July 2010 (Friday).

How to Enter:

* Purchase at least RM10 total (excluding postage) at this shop during the giveaway period.
* Make an entry about this giveaway on your blog/facebook that link back to this blogshop (or else email to at least one of your friends and cc to her, if you don't own a blog/facebook).
* Leave a comment at her official website said that you have purchased and blogged/emailed about this giveaway (give the link of the entry).

~ giveaway pertama yg sy join.. ^_^..
sgt berminat ngn all da button n items yg ditawarkan..
Hopefully,im da lucky one..wink..wink!~

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