Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

keyChain ~ AdeQ

*napela gambar ni tersgt la tidak cantik??

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

siGnaGE fOR BalQis n Dina

~ my NEw dEsign fOr CaR SignAGE~

tingGi beaR ni dlm 22cm n lebar 16.5cm
erm..agak besar compare ngn signage sblum ni..
sesape yg berminat lehla place ordEr noW..^_^

PaCifiER Clip HoLdER fOR ~ AYRA

:NEW!!Pacifier Clip HOLDER:

:cRoWN foR PrinceSES aYRA:

:tO AYRA witH LUrVE:

:back view:

Bunch of tanks to aMY for her REquesT..
1st time wat paci holder ni..
sgt berharap amy akan berpuas hati..n also ayra

kEyChain fOR aMY

tanks ^_^

BrOaDband POUCH~huSna

ORDeR ~ SuZie

:close up:


OrdER ~ SuZie


ORder ~ Kak Hana,TerenGGanU



TAnks Akak!

peN driVe POuch

set of pen drive pouch with charm

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Let's join this GIVEAWAYS here!

This giveaway begins on 28 June 2010 (Monday) and ends on 9 July 2010 (Friday).

How to Enter:

* Purchase at least RM10 total (excluding postage) at this shop during the giveaway period.
* Make an entry about this giveaway on your blog/facebook that link back to this blogshop (or else email to at least one of your friends and cc to her, if you don't own a blog/facebook).
* Leave a comment at her official website said that you have purchased and blogged/emailed about this giveaway (give the link of the entry).

~ giveaway pertama yg sy join.. ^_^..
sgt berminat ngn all da button n items yg ditawarkan..
Hopefully,im da lucky one..wink..wink!~